No need to fear lack of the privacy

Spend your next summer holiday in Croatia and enjoy limitless luxury

Why is it that when we mention “crewed yachts,” you instantly think: “Oh, no! We won’t have any privacy!

“The staff will only get in our way!”

Yes, they’ll be present with you on the yacht, but you won’t feel their presence at all!

It’s their job to make everything work fine, with minimal interference from their side.

You think that’s not possible?

Just read on and find out why we recommend you book a crewed yacht charter to explore all there is to explore on the Croatian Adriatic.

What speaks in favour of crewed yacht charters?

Even if you’ve accumulated a considerable amount of data on the Croatian seaside, some hidden spots many newbies in this sport of booking luxury yacht charters don’t know about, you still can’t claim that you know everything!

There’s a certain conceitedness and stubbornness about such tourists, especially sea lovers, who are so convinced that they don’t need any help with navigating Croatian sea routes.

One thing is to know these routes when you’re ahead of traveling, when you find yourself directly in front of your chosen luxury yacht, and quite something different when you’re steering the waters and something unexpected happens. Then you have to act quickly: Will you then know the quickest and safest route to the next harbour?

Luxury Yacht Corsario

To anchor a yacht like this requires great experience and maneuvering skills. Yacht Corsario

Local knowledge of the crew on deck of your luxury yacht

With booking a crewed yacht charter, you can be safe that you’ll be paired with the most knowledgeable individuals around, who can advise, suggest, quickly arrange, and solve the most challenging situations that may arise during long periods of sailing across the Adriatic.

We challenge you: What’s the most difficult thing you had to sort out yourself? How long did it take you to solve it? Were the people on board pleased with the way you handled it?

Couldn’t you have done it much better had you booked a crewed luxury charter? Just imagine how much time, effort and nerves you could have spared had you relied on a professional crew?

Remember: the crew is there to help you! It’s their natural state of being to help and be supportive.

All that local knowledge accumulated costs much effort and time. These two you may not always have around! So, place your trust in our own crewed luxury charter!

With us you can even book a crewed catamaran!

Our crewed yacht charters are like a ticket to an intimate party (avoid the Crowds)

Only the selected few are invited. And while our crew manages the ins and outs of your adventure, creating an itinerary to your best liking, you can let go of everything and simply lie back.

If avoiding the crowds is what you’re after, our selected few (2-10 individuals come with a crewed yacht charter) will make sure you see all those coveted Croatian destinations when there’ll be no one to spoil its magic.

That means, visiting famous Croatian seaside spots and localities that served as film sets. Our crew will know when to look these up to avoid huge crowds.

Crew onboard Lagoon 570 Mala

Crew onboard Lagoon 570 Mala: Captain Zoki and Stew/Chef Sanja

Who wouldn’t want added piece of mind with a crewed yacht charter?

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not this time!

The crewed luxury charter we have in mind will give you added peace of mind.

Chartering a yacht with a professional crew offers you a specific combination of unparalleled luxury, freedom, privacy and adventure on the high seas. Crewed charters cater to those who desire a truly effortless and pampered experience.

So, once more, let’s look at the benefits a crewed yacht charter instantly offers you:

These are the benefits that come with crewed yacht charters:

  • Ease of mind: The crew takes care of everything, from navigation and sail handling to meal preparation and housekeeping.
  • Safe Sailing: Experiences and certified crews undergo rigorous training, ensuring you have a safe and comfortable journey.
  • Get to know Culinary Delights: A professional Chef onboard prepares gourmet meals to tantalize your taste buds.
  • Make use of their Know-How: Your Captain and Crew are highly knowledgable about the local waters, hidden gems and best anchorages. They can tailor your itinerary to your preference.

What about privacy with a crewed yacht charter?

Privacy is a top priority for any guest looking to enjoy summer, be that in Croatia or any other country priding on its sea.

While crewed yacht charters may not offer the complete seclusion of a private island, there are ways to find the right balance.

More privacy if you choose a bigger yacht

Larger yachts often have dedicated crew quarters, separating your living space from the crew's.

So there’s no reason to fear bumping into each other many times during the day.

Privacy can be negotiated: you can discuss your privacy expectations with the charter company beforehand. They can connect you with crews known for discretion and respecting guest privacy.

If you plan the itinerary so that you spend a portion of your time away from the main vessel, then privacy won’t be a problem. You can plan activities that allow for private moments.

All in all, crewed yacht charters offer an unforgettable adventure. Some level of interaction must still be had. And imagine what you can learn from such a knowledgeable crew!

The more you learn, the more eager you’ll be to plan your next summer vacation in Croatia.

Without their aid!

Start planning your next Croatian sailing adventure with our charter agency now!