Croatia as a sailing destination is hotter than ever thanks to the Eurovision contest 2024

We’re writing this article in May, just ahead of the holidays, at the time when Croatia is on almost everybody’s lips owing to Baby Lasagne’s stage performance at the Eurovision song contest in Malmo, Sweden.

The artist has brought much attention to the Croatian country in general. 

Many people not having visited Croatia before will very likely visit the capital of Croatia now. And after spending time in Zagreb, why not continue traveling and book a yacht charter on the Adriatic?!
The seaside is only a 3 hour ride (in the LOW season in May and October) away from the Croatian capital. From there, you can start to entertain the thought of island hopping.

Split as the ideal launchpad for island hopping 

The highway is such a great way to get to the seaside!
You certainly don’t want to waste any time, unless you’re a fan of slow food and then presumably, you’d rather drive slow, so that you can take in the whole scenery that greets you along the way. And there really is a lot to see and be amazed!

On arriving in Split, you’ll instantly feel the different vibe of the city and its inhabitants - the Dalmatians (as this region of the country is called) are really laid back and take things much easier compared to those in the Croatian capital, where your Croatian journey started.

Here are the island hopping adventures that await you from Split

If this is your first time visiting Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, then you’ll be thrilled by the sight it provides for you - it’s a jewel-toned archipelago, with turquoise waters lapping against sun-drenched shores and charming islands luring you deeper, further away from the seaside.

⇒TOP 5 Croatian Islands On Your Island Hopping Tour From SPLIT

With over 600 islands scattered along the Adriatic Sea, choosing your itinerary on your crewed yacht charter can be both exciting and daunting. Here are a few must-see islands within easy sailing distance of Split.

So, be prepared for at least a week of island hopping from Split to the first island showing itself on your yacht charter.

5 Croatian islands to visit from Split before you reach Dubrovnik

Island hopping from Split Check points

First checkpoint - BRAČ - the Croatian island with its white stone

If you’re into architecture, don’t sail past Brač, the first island on your way to Dubrovnik. It may be unusual to highlight a stone and not the cruise or the landscape on the island as its distinguishing mark, but let’s make this short description of the 5 islands on your path a bit special. And when we say special, here comes a fact that connects the stone from the island of Brač with some of the greatest cities in the world.

"From the perspective of the inhabitants of the island of Brač, their stone is an invaluable treasure for them, a substance they have lived with since ancient times and for which they are known in the world. The hall of the United Nations building in New York was decorated with stone from the Brač quarries and magnificent architectural works have been built throughout history: Diocletian's Palace in Split, the Parliament and the New Palace in Vienna, the Parliament in Budapest, the Governor's Palace in Trieste"

So, charter one of our crewed yachts and set sail to Brač.

Second checkpoint - HVAR - “The Queen of the Adriatic” 

Budapest and Venice are named “queens”, each of them queen of the river and the sea they owe their touristic attraction to.

The island of Hvar in Croatia is often dubbed “Queen of the Adriatic”, just like Opatija in the Kvarner Bay, to the north. The island is a favourite amongst yachters and celebrities, boasting many top-of-the-line restaurants (well, we’ll skip that, as we’re looking for something more extraordinary).

If the stone was a landmark of Brač, let’s continue with some examples of ancient architecture: located on the other side of the island (when you pass the old fortress greeting you on your island hopping adventure continuing from Brač), you’ll see one of the oldest settlements in Europe, the lesser-populated Stari Grad (or “old town”). It was once inhabited by ancient Greeks, then later Romans, and ornate, ancient mosaic floors have been unearthed around the town, along with many other interesting Greco-Roman artifacts.

Let us just mention that there’s a Queen of the Adriatic in the form of a gulet too you can charter, too. And we have it available for you!

Third checkpoint - Vis - one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches awaits charter guests

If you’re visiting Vis and arriving on a fast catamaran line, your trip will take 1.5 hours.

To enjoy that island in haste, rent a motor yacht with us and ride in style.

Even though Vis was formerly known as a military base (and there are some military tours around the island of Vis, for the adventurers on board looking to unearth the ghosts of war), it’s a peaceful island featuring the stunning Stiniva Bay with one of the most beautiful 10 best beaches in Europe charter guests should not miss.

Stiniva Bay, Vis

Fourth checkpoint - Korčula - sail in the footsteps of Marco Polo

Leaving Vis behind, moving on to Korčula, and halfway to Dubrovnik, it would be just fair to arrive at the same named city on the island nicknamed “Little Dubrovnik”. Be sure to memorize this if you‘re a pub quiz fan.

Certainly, put aside some time to get to know Marco Polo’s story, the story of the Venetian merchant and world traveler. Right at the beginning of it, you’ll find the truth about his birthplace veiled in mist.

"...the fact is, we only know for sure that he was born in 1254 in the Republic of Venice (which at that point did, in fact, include Korčula), probably in Venice but possibly in Constantinople or on Korčula, we just don’t know for a fact and will probably never know. His family, Polo, is strongly believed to be of Dalmatian origin, possibly Korčulan, so there might be a family link to Korčula for Marco”.
“The Korčulan story also claims that he was imprisoned in a Genovese jail on Korčula, in Korčulan Old Town for some time during that period as well, also without any irrefutible evidence. During that time spent in Genovese captivity, Marco dictated his “Book of the Marvels of the World”. in Italian Il Milione, in English, it’s commonly called The Travels of Marco Polo to his cell-mate Rustichello da Pisa, who wrote down the tales Marco told him of his travels."

If you think of yourself as a world traveler, and you want to step into Marco Polo’s shoes by experiencing what his sea adventure might have looked like, we recommend taking one of our sail itineraries from Split, including the trip to Korčula.


Fifth checkpoint - Lastovo - a yacht charter including stargazing

We’ve got only Lastovo (skipping Mljet) as the last checkpoint to our final destination, Dubrovnik.

And what a special island! The “Island of Stars”!

Are you all stargazers?

Well, the people of Lastovo have made it their ambition to create a touristic attraction not many islands can boast about. They applied Lastovo to win the International Dark Sky Park status as it has the most unpolluted sky owing to it being the most distant inhabited island in the Croatian sea.

Extremely dark skies full of stars is what Lastovo has, and it could be awarded with the dark sky park label.

Jelsa on the island of Hvar is also on its way to becoming one such dark sky park in Croatia.

Little is known that Lastovo was the first local government in Croatia with completely ecological lighting.

Lastovo nightscape

So, there you have it: 5 islands on your luxury yacht charter (if you decide to book it) from Split to Dubrovnik.

What’s left to do now?

Check out our booking procedure and secure yourself a gulet, yacht, or catamaran.